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BrailleMUSE (Braille Music Support Environment)
- Braille music translation server from MusicXML -

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BrailleMUSE is offering the server as an Internet Braille music translation from MusicXML format to Braille music system with NABCC(ASCII) and/or BASE format, which has been developed by Yokohama National Univ. with ten years' research and development. You can use our BrailleMUSE server freely under the following conditions. Our hope is that this translation program is helpful for the visually impaired people, Braille translators, and whom it may concern.

If you agree to the following service conditions, you can access the Braille music translation server.

<Enter BrailleMUSE for Braille music translation.>
<Enter BrailleMUSE for Braille music translation. (UTF8)>
<Enter the translation with music sample page(1090 titles).>
<Enter the translation with old music samples(70 titles).>

[Service conditions]

  1. The purpose and character of the use of this server is limited to nonprofit process.
  2. We reserve the right to refuse connection for our circumstances, such as research, system, and network.
  3. When you use the server, you should agree that under no circumstances will you have any claim against us for any loss or damages which may be suffered in connection with your use.

[Braille font]

A Braille TrueType Font is required to display translated music scores on your screen for a sighted person. Some Braille fonts are available downloaded free of charge from the Internet. No Braille Font will be needed for visually impared people.


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